3D Floor Plans
September 11, 2013

What is a flyover?

Also known as 3D Walk-throughs or Fly-throughs. These are detailed 3D animations that guide a viewer through your Project. It is a high impact method of demonstrating a scene and a viewer experiences a realistic feeling for the design.

Using a Flyover for your Project, you have high-tech architectural visualisation, setting the scene for your clients, buyers or investors. You have control over what they see and experience, as they move through your design in a virtual environment.


Who uses it?

For an architect trying to communicate an idea, a Flyover is ideal as it provides viewers with a perspective that no simple diagrams can parallel.
The power of the 3D Walk-through is that it makes it easy for anyone to get into the driver’s seat and explore the scene.


How we do it at Visual Renders:

Creating a 3D Walk-through takes team effort. Interior Designers and Architects are consulted to give your project the ultimate realistic outcome.

Our Flyover production process is comprehensive and specific animation cameras are set to capture the final outcome.

No project is too big or too small for our skilled team of experts. We’ll take your raw data and turn it into a moving masterpiece.