Drones have altered the visual rendering landscape and have improved all phases of projects. Our custom-built drones give us unique, yet accurate views of any high-rise units during the design phase. We are able to monitor the construction phase throughout the process, and more accurately track the progress. Once projects are completed, we are able to capture the project contextually within its environment for prospective buyers.

A critical element of a project for any architect, developer or rendering artist is accurate and detailed planning. The level of detail provided by aerial photogrammetry saves time and costs on projects by allowing you to identify issues in a plan as early as possible.

In addition to cost and time saving, photogrammetry software enables highly accurate visualization of large-scale projects. With the added realistic element which is brought by photogrammetry, very little is left to the imagination. Every nook, cranny and crevice is captured by the drones – meaning that the architect or even their investor can see exactly what a finished project will look like. Photogrammetry is an incredibly useful tool when properly  utilised, and can save time, costs and improve the overall accuracy and success of projects.